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Western Carolina Home Elevators provides homeowners with affordable solutions to acquire an elevator in their home. If you think you don’t have the space to install residential elevator in your home, we just may have the solution for you. In certain situations your stairs can be removed to make room for your new home elevator. This is an ideal option for homes that have an exit on both floors. Because our residential elevators are custom built to the exact specifications of each home, we can custom manufacture your personal elevator and have it installed at an affordable cost for most budgets.

Staircases can become elevator shafts just with a twist and a plan.

Western Carolina engineers have revolutionized the modern-day staircase by replacing your stairs with the Western Carolina home elevator specifically engineered for stairwell removal and replacement. For years Western Carolina has been encouraging clients who have exit doors from basement levels and entry doors from main levels or decks to consider removing stairwells to create in instant home elevator shaft, saving the client thousands of dollars in planning construction execution costs.

Think about it, most home elevator companies across the country go out of their way to tell you what you must provide them in order for their home elevator to fit any your home. Here at Western Carolina we like to let you the customer tell us what you have available and then we engineer the best hydraulic home elevator system we can design to accommodate your needs. 42 inch wide staircase - no problem. Six feet deep stairwell - again no problem. 

Here at Western Carolina we have designed and engineered many staircase removals simply by opening our ears closing our mouths when customers call with suggestions on how we might help them move between their basement to first or first to second floors. (Always keep in mind you must have an exit outside from each floor other than your home elevator)

Just like extension forks can be put on a forklift with extra-long palette, Western Carolina has the engineering capacity to cantilever 50 inches in order to accommodate 34 inch wide cab, while getting you the depth you need for a wheelchair to roll into easily. Most of our stairwell removal clients had to revisit this idea over and over again before setting aside what is considered normal design all only then to create a new normal for their house and their families needs. But here at Western Carolina, we stick with you even giving you the names and numbers of clients who took our suggestion and opted out of their staircase into a Western Carolina home elevator.

A wise person once said "necessity is the mother of invention." See most manufactures benefit from a one-size-fits-all design At Western Carolina we like to think of ourselves as "outside the box thinkers", so don't hesitate any further give us a call and let one of our sales folks explain how we can help you gain a leg up, and a lift down when discussing your home accessibility needs.

Now you have an even greater understanding of our stair removal process and can see how easy it is to make room for your personal elevator. An added benefit is that in some instances you’ll gain extra storage space. Customers who have installed a Western Carolina Home Elevator are pleased with their overall experience, just how easy the installation process was and the convenience they gained from owning one.

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