Hydraulic Home Elevator

Hydraulic elevators are the most popular choice for homeowners across the United States. Hydraulic elevators are lifted from the ground up. This puts the machine room at the lowest level of the home. Hydraulic elevators are considered the safest design in case of emergencies and natural disasters. So it is no wonder that it is the top choice among homeowners.

Western Carolina manufactures only hydraulic elevators and customizes each elevator to the specifications of each home. A hydraulic elevator works much like a sophisticated forklift and is ideal for 2 and 3 story homes.

As you can see hydraulic elevators are really quite simple in the way that they move passengers from floor to floor. We require all of our hydraulic home elevators to be installed by one of the  certified Installation companies in our network. This will ensure your new home elevator is installed correctly and meets all the necessary safety standards.

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