How The Process Works

With 40 years of experience, thousands of installs, super fast turnaround times and the largest network of certified installers in the U.S., it’s our process and commitment to our customers that truly sets us apart. Transparent, honest and committed.  That’s the Western Carolina way.

The Step-By-Step Buying Process:

Step 1: Research

The typical customer starts their journey online by browsing our website to learn about the benefits of Western Carolina Home Elevators.  Once you are ready to proceed and learn more, there are two easy ways to start this process.  


Step 2a: Contact Western Carolina Elevators

If you need additional information or prefer talking to a knowledgeable sales person, Western Carolina Elevators has a simple form for you to fill out to receive a call from one of our team members.  Hit the “Have Someone Contact Me” button, answer a few questions, and someone from our sales and support team will get back to you; typically in 24 hours or less!


Step 2b: Get an Instant Online Quote

If you already know what you want, click the “Free Instant Quote” button located throughout the website to get a custom quote on your very own home elevator, including estimated installation costs in your region.  Its super fast and takes just a few minutes of your time to get the answers you need.   


Step 3: Initial Consultation

Following your inquiry, you’ll get a call and an email from our pre-sales team to answer any questions that you have about price, products, or the Western Carolina Elevators team.


Step 4: Formal Quote and Contract

When you’re ready to move forward with your order, a friendly member of our sales and support team will contact you.  This conversation will help you figure out which Western Carolina Elevators product is right for you and will walk you through the purchase and installation process.  At the conclusion of this step, you’ll have a precise quote and all the details needed to proceed with your purchase.


Step 5: Review, Sign and Send Back Your Contract

Following the completion of Step 4, you’ll be sent a purchase contract to review with all the details of your order including your product, standard features, special features and upgrades, warranty period, total price and terms & conditions.  In addition, we'll send you a packet of drawings and pictures describing all of the necessary requirements for your elevator shaft.  That way, you always know exactly what to expect with your Western Carolina Home Elevator purchase.  Just sign and send back your agreement and this step is complete.


Step 6: Send Initial Deposit and Fabrication Begins

Along with your contract, you’ll need to submit a deposit to secure your purchase.  Once your deposit is processed, the Western Carolina Elevators team will begin to fabricate your home elevator unit.


Step 7: Pre-Installation Checklists

While your elevator is being built, the Western Carolina Elevators production team will also send you a list of Pre-Installation Checklists and measurement forms.  You, or your contractor, can utilize these forms to ensure that your elevator shaft is properly constructed and prepared for installation.  Simply fill out each of the forms completely and return them to the Western Carolina Elevators office.   


Step 8: Equipment Payment and Installation Scheduling

Utilizing the information provided in your Pre-Installation Forms, the Western Carolina Elevators office willl prepare and send you an equipment invoice. Once the full payment for your product is made, our production team will get your installation scheduled with one of our Installation Professionals. All of Western Carolina Elevators’ installers are certified professionals and work exclusively with our customers. Installation time may vary depending the installer, and whether it's an existing home or new construction. 


Step 9: Your Elevator Installation

On your scheduled installation day, our certified installers will arrive at your home with all of your custom elevator equipment.  They will work promptly and efficiently to get your new elevator installed.  When they complete the installation, they will walk you through everything that you need to know about operating and maintaining your new Western Carolina Home Elevator; happliy answering any questions that you might have as well. Once they finish answering all of your questions, you can give them your final payment for the installation costs, and they will be on their way.


Step 10: Celebrate and Enjoy

Congratulations, you're now the proud new owner of a Western Carolina Home Elevator.  Congratulations on achieving mobility, independence and peace of mind for you and your family.


Ready to talk to a Western Carolina representative about your new Home Elevator, please head over to our Quote Page and let us know how we can help.


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