Residential Elevator Installation Process – Common Mistakes

  • The landing doors must be framed in a 2” x 4” wall and nothing greater such as a block wall or 2” x 6” stud wall or greater. Note: From the back side of the landing door, with the door(s) closed, to the shaft side of the landing threshold, nosing, flooring, etc cannot exceed 3” maximum. the elevator cannot be turned over to the client if this dimension exceeds 3”. (See animations & diagrams/framing detail/3 x 5 safety rule)
  • Make sure that the trim installed on the inside of shaft around the landing doors does not exceed ¼” maximum thickness. (see animations & diagrams/framing detail)
  • The 240vac disconnects are provided and installed without the auxiliary contacts supplied. These contacts are required when the automatic battery lowering feature is being provided. (See Western Carolina recommended disconnect specifications in animations & diagrams/electrical configurations).
  • The inside of the shaft must not have any holes or penetrations in the walls.
  • The landing doors are highly recommended to be solid core doors. The purpose of the solid core doors is to provide adequate mounting for the door lock keeper.
  • The landing door hardware is required to be installed prior to the elevator being installed and/or turned over to the customer.
  • When pouring the concrete pit floor make sure to maintain a smooth and level floor.
  • When framing and installing the double 2” x 12” blocking in the “rail” wall be sure to maintain the entire wall plumb. (see animations & diagrams/rail blocking pdf)
  • Be sure that the elevator pit is free and clear of all water and debris prior to the start of the scheduled installation.
  • The phone line must be “hot” prior to the elevator being turned over to the client.

Please consult a Western Carolina sales rep for futher details.


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